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I’m soooooooo tired……


Many of us have trouble sleeping, but getting enough sleep is crucial for every day functioning.  Lack of sleep can affect mood, memory, ability to learn, reduction of stress, and many other areas of life.  Here are some pointers to help you get more sleep!

Watch your caffeine intake before bedtime. Caffeine can stay in your system for up to 8 hours!

Set a regular bedtime.  This isn’t just for kids; your body likes a regular sleep-wake cycle.

Create a tranquil sleep environment.  Any color in your bedroom is OK as long as it is a soft and soothing hue.  Keep TV and the Laptop OUT OF THE BEDROOM!

Exercise daily, outdoors if possible.  This reduces stress and anxiety which are prime factors in sleepless nights or abbreviated sleep.

Don’t eat so late!  The body requires at least 3 hours to process a meal completely before bedtime.

Have a relaxing bedtime ritual.  Don’t do anything too rigorous before bedtime that will wind you up.  A relaxing ritual signals the body that its time to slow down. Read, write or pet the dog.  Don’t surf the internet.


it’s Thanksgiving already? WOW


Wow….that came fast, right?   Here are some great and healthy tips for better eating during the busy holiday season that is bursting with things to eat.

1.  Whole Food.  The best way to get the most nutrients and the fewest additives is to eat food that is whole, fresh, seasonal, local, unrefined, and unprocessed.

2.  Plant filled.  Restructure your dinner plate to accommodate plant based foods as the main focus.  Try to eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables along with beans, nuts and seeds.  Make the protein less of a focus, or not at all.

3.  Healthy Fats.  Fats are high in calories but essential to your diet.  Healthy fats often come from whole foods such as nuts, seeds, and avocados.  Choose these and try to stay away from high calorie, low nutrient extracted oils.

4.  Nutrient Dense.  Focus your diet on foods that contain a high nutrient per calorie ratio.  Fresh greens, produce and dense grains like lentils, quinoa fit the bill perfectly!

Have a great holiday and enjoy all your favorite treats but in moderation.  The rest of the time eat more healthy and all this stuff will balance itself out.

after 14 weeks…GO FOR IT!


MASSAGE in general is delicious, but imagine how good it feels to women that are pregnant, especially in the second and third trimesters!  The human body goes through many changes during this time and as the changes are happening the body is compensating …..Make Way for Baby!!!!

Swedish massage’s very slow, relaxing strokes are recommended for working with pregnant women.  The prenatal massage may reduce muscle tension, improves lymphatic and blood circulation, decrease swelling, decrease stress hormones, reduce sciatic nerve pain and general joint discomfort.  All of this is confirmed by the American Pregnancy Association and also by the many smiling pregnant women that have been treated to massage at etant!

If you are past your first trimester please consider booking a soothing prenatal massage at etant soon.  We have several qualified therapists that will take excellent care of you and your soon to be “new addition”!  As always we encourage expecting moms to check with their  health care provider before trying prenatal massage.