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Bones are good…..


Our amazing bodies are continually rebuilding bone tissue. The best way to maintain bone density and keep them strong, prevent osteoporosis and fractures is to do weight bearing exercise ( this includes walking!), maintain a diet rich in fresh veggies, fruits and protein that is low in sodium, and these four vital nutrients.

1. Calcium. We all think of calcium and milk when talking about bone health right? Calcium by itself does help to slow bone loss, however it is most effective when taken with these other nutrients.

2. Magnesium. Just as important as calcium for bone density, magnesium is also important in the activation of Vitamin D.

3. Vitamin D. Many older Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D taken along with calcium decreases postmenopausal bone loss and helps prevent osteoporosis, and decreases the risk of bone fracture.

4. Vitamin K. Reduces bone loss as well as fracture rates. Green foods are a great source of Vitamin K.

Eat healthy, exercise and work towards keeping a healthy body inside and out!