YogurtYogurt is very versatile, but maybe you need some new ideas?  Try these:

1. Boost your breakfast. Eat it straight with your favorite fruit as usual, OR spread on toast instead of cream cheese or butter!

2.  Use in Salad Dressing.  Add oil, salt, pepper, cider vinegar or shallots and have an instant creamy dressing for your favorite salad.

3.  Replace your mayo.  Lighten up chicken salad, dips or spicy crab salad on toast.

4.  Try in a marinade.  Yogurt has built in enzymes that break down proteins and tenderize meats and fish.

5.  Just add a Dollop!  To almost anything yogurt is a great accent as a finishing touch…try it on roasted veggies, grilled meats, eggs or sauteed greens.  Mix in toasted spices, chiles, or fresh herbs to boost the flavor.

6.  Swirl into soups.  Add creaminess and body to any soup.  Stir in some Greek yogurt right before serving.

7.  Creative Appetizer or Dessert.  Greek yogurt, sliced fruit ( figs are awesome) top with honey and toasted pine nuts….YUMMY!

Be creative and enjoy….


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